Pirate 'Biscuit Making' Box
Pirate 'Biscuit Making' Box
Pirate 'Biscuit Making' Box
Pirate 'Biscuit Making' Box

Pirate 'Biscuit Making' Box

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A pretend baking box inspired by my favourite biscuit recipe. Your little one can dive deep into this magical underwater world and make sea life 'biscuits' out of my homemade playdough. The pirate themed flags and gold coins are just a few little extras designed to stimulate imaginative and open ended play.

mini baker's hat 

mini apron
wooden rolling pin
300g tub sea blue 'biscuit dough' (colour may vary)
2 stainless steel cutters (designs may vary)
2 pirate themed flags 
10 gold coins  
recipe card 

Ingredients: flour, salt, cream of tartar, coconut oil, glycerine, food colouring, food flavouring.

Warning: Recommended for children 3+ years. Adult supervision required. Please remove all packaging before giving this toy to your child. Playdough and boxes should not be left unattended or stored in a place children have access to. Some boxes contain sharp components and small parts that may be a choking hazard. Harri Bakes is not responsible for any injury associated with the use of these products.